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Hi, I'm Susan Maynor. As an experienced educator, learning designer, and believer in all things creative in education, over the past 20 years I've helped school leaders and educators design unique vision, ignite original thinking, and transform teaching and learning.


The goal for this site is to help educators discover, design and potentially develop relevant and compelling learning experiences that cultivate creativity, impact community, and ignite original thinking in education. 

Please explore to discover a gold nugget or two in Stories and consider connecting with me so we can work together. You can elevate your craft simply by stepping up to the plate. By leveraging the power of mobile technology and the creativity of every child and educator, we can inspire and engage this generation of learners to pour new ideas into the world.

What can we design together? 

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When designing professional learning, I use two distinct lenses: choice and relationships. When you consider professional learning, you need options, tools, and choices to best personalize for your learning community. More importantly, you need relationships with coaches who know and understand your needs.

Dream: What is your vision for your learners and learning environment? Browse the professional learning opportunities that can ALL be customized for your school, district, or community.

Design: How will you realize that vision? We design the professional learning together. This design process includes choosing your content, the interaction style for learning, and planning the best implementation process for your people. 

Drive: Now it's time to journey as a team into your vision. Experience professional and personal growth, develop your innovative culture, and capture the results you seek. 

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What do you dream for your learning environment? Think big!

My passion and mission as a learning consultant and professional learning facilitator is to partner with you to make learning real and compelling for all learners. Through on-site workshops, on-site coaching sessions, and virtual coaching, I help educators design learning experiences that foster creativity, communication, teamwork, and complex thinking. These elements of learning empower ALL to develop skill sets and mindsets to make a positive impact in our world. 

I love to partner with schools and districts in myriad ways, including full day on-site workshops with whole group or small groups; 1:1 coaching (virtual or in-person) sessions with PLC's, instructional coaches, and teachers; and sandbox sessions with leadership teams on vision planning. 

Whether you are just starting your journey with project-based learning or are ready to take it to the next level, we design project-based workshops and coaching sessions customized to best fit your learning environment.

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Design thinking offers education the upgrade it needs to inspire meaningful and impactful learning experiences. We design workshops for educators, students, and leaders who want to learn and apply design thinking practices and mindsets to their learning environments.

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Self-paced learning, goal setting, individual learning pathways? Of course! We provide insight and expertise to help you design personalized learning environments, encouraging success for all students.

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In a world flooded with digital tools and the need to develop digital literacy in education, we partner with you to create learning experiences for students to grow future-proof skills such as critical thinking, project management, and cognitive flexibility. Expertise in iPadOS, Chromebook, and MacOS

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I believe coaching is a reciprocal partnership between coach and teacher, each contributing their knowledge and expertise to the professional learning process. Through the art of conversation, questioning and reflection, we work together to personalize learning, refine and elevate current practices, and explore new ideas and strategies. Research shows that quality coaching improves teacher practices which increases student achievement. 

Together we co-design real and relevant learning experiences steeped in creativity, design thinking, and empathy. 

Expertise includes: 

  • project-based learning

  • personalized learning

  • blended learning

  • multimodal learning with iPad

  • creative practice, process, and product

  • design thinking

  • power of play

  • arts integration 

  • STEAM instruction

  • iPad for education

  • video storytelling

  • embedded social-emotional learning

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By crowdsourcing everyone's expertise, we co-design professional development that will best meet your vision and goals. Consider purpose, interaction, and location.


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What's the why for this particular professional learning?

  • Discover, Play, Create

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Apply and Design

  • Collaboration

  • Build & Curate

  • Solve a community challenge or problem 

  • Serve 

  • Create instructional playlist for your classroom or building


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How do you want participants to interact?

  • Personalized

  • Virtual: Zoom or other online platform, small group, individual, large group. 
  • Face to Face: small group, large group

  • Mixed groups

  • Restorative Circles

  • Conversations

  • PLC's

  • Individual


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Where will the professional learning take place?

  • Virtual: Zoom

  • Your learning environment

  • Outdoor classroom

  • Establishment in your community outside of school

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