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Story, one of the most significant and most profound words in our culture today. Story is everywhere—our neighborhood, our city, our family and friends, our school, our InstaStories, our favorite books—story layered within story, some loud and full of character, some quiet and full of whispers—all written for an audience. Stories shape how we make sense of our world, bring delight to our lives, and instruct and lead us to a deeper understanding of humanity. As our world continues to face challenges, crises, and chaos, stories of innovation and celebration put ideas and joy into the world. As educators, we live an exciting and beautifully surprising narrative. When students create magnificent things, collaborate for impact, or share their learning with delight, we experience first hand the most glorious stories. These stories need to be shared!

The power of a story is in the simplicity. In today’s world, I call it the gold nugget; the more you discover, the richer you become. What are those gold nuggets in your learning environment, in your teaching experience? How can our stories help and inspire others? When we know and understand our story and how it has shaped us, we can share our story, inspiring and encouraging others.

My passion for story encouraged me to create a guide to help educators garner skills for visual storytelling: Crafting Compelling Visual Narratives. This book is designed for busy educators who want to change the narrative of education by sharing their stories of innovation, celebration, and impact. Additionally, it is written for those comfortable editing with iMovie, can access Final Cut Pro, and can use an iPad or iPhone to shoot video. Throughout the book, there are visual storytelling tips and tricks without spending any money, along with tutorials and ideas for using the Apple ecosystem to manage and produce compelling stories.

This book is FREE! and available in Apple Books.

The Power of Sharing Your Story: About
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