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I believe in the innate creativity in every person and am continually inspired by seeing others grow, especially when they realize their creative genius.

Below are some instructional resources I've created for you to use as is or remix as needed. Enjoy!

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Imaginariums are collections of learning experiences, rooted in research-based creative thinking strategies, design thinking methods, and cognitive flexibility. The collections are designed for K-12 students AND teachers to engage the imagination, expand creative thinking skills, and build creative confidence. 

I am passionate about empowering creativity and engaging the imagination to ignite original thinking and creative confidence. This project was born out of risks, iterations, conversations, and failures. It is a work in progress.

Strategies include: 

    •Creative Practice: Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, Elaboration, Risk-Taking, Complexity, Curiosity, Imagination

    •Creative Inventiveness: Visualization, Constraints, Divergent thinking, Observation, Exploration

    •Social-Emotional Learning: Self-Reflection, Goal-Setting, Perspectives, Strength-Finding, Fear-Facing

    •Design Thinking: Ideation, Prototyping, Empathy, ​Defining, Testing, Iterating

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When we play, no matter our age, we engage our imaginations, build creative confidence, and increase the neural connections in our brains. Moreover, play can reduce stress, ease anxiety, and boost joy and self-esteem. It can build literacy skills through communication, listening, and exploration of narrative structures. And play enhances curiosity, deepens critical thinking, and nurtures adaptive pathways, all of which can contribute to a successful future.

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Remix the Ordinary

Animation is one of the most influential creative tools we have to tell stories, communicate emotions, and connect people worldwide. Every person can animate using iPad and imagination in today's modern world. With animation, you bend the laws of nature, giving you the ability to bring any idea or concept, no matter how complex or crazy, to life. 30 Days of Animation is designed for creative play using Apple Keynote's animation features. From Magic Move to Line Animate to Paths and more, Keynote is the perfect animation playground. Each slide contains a prompt to ignite your thinking, and the Keynote deck is organized to progress in complexity, encouraging you to grow your animation skills. Designed for K-12 students to develop the future-proof skills of creativity, complex problem-solving, and growth mindset.

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Uncover the Hidden

Photography is one of the most celebrated forms of art. Every person can be a photographer using iPad Camera in today's modern world. With photography, one can discover beauty in the simple, explore the most complex systems, and experience the world beyond the classroom. 30 Days of Photography is designed for creative play using Apple’s iPad/iPhone Camera. From playing with filters to playing with adjustments to exploring different perspectives, each page contains a prompt or challenge to elevate and extend photography skills. Designed for K-12 students to develop the future-proof skills of creativity, complex problem-solving, and growth mindset.

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Grief can be an unexpected interruption to life and is a powerful emotion that can be challenging to navigate. It often accompanies loss — loss of a loved one,  diagnosis of a terminal illness, job loss, even the ending of an important relationship. A person might find themselves feeling numb and or removed from daily life, unable to carry on with their routine while burdened by their sense of loss. Grief is both universal and personal, and the grief journey is unique to every person. 

Creativity can be a powerful roadmap to navigate the grief journey. Writing, drawing, painting, capturing beautiful images—all of these creative art forms provide a space to simply be. There are no limits to the imagination in finding creative ways of expressing grief.

This guide provides different entry points of creativity to assist in coping with the barnacles  of grief. Begin where you feel most comfortable. Choose an activity and make a goal to stick with it for three or four consecutive days for at least 20 minutes per day. 

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Designed for upper elementary and middle school students, My Creative Journey to Restore the Earth is a creative learning journal outlining several explorations as a response to the NGGS Earth and Human Activity. Students discover and identify challenges caused by human activity, learn and understand possible solutions to challenges caused by human activity, and create as artists, advocates, and advisors as a response to the challenges caused by human activity. 

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